This show has been performed over 250 times throughout Canada, Europe, and South America.

Philippe is an employee in a theatre where there will be a major international conference. While preparing the stage for this event, despite many blunders and incidents of all kinds, he is constantly distracted from his task, attracted by the only thing that interests him: playing. Playing at being a guest speaker, playing with a diabolo; for the fun of playing.

Will someone finally discover his many talents?  

Philippe encounters endless problems while going about his work. Because of his immense naivety and lack of understanding he is overly affected by these obstacles.  And since he's constantly in a state of reaction, he forgets about how and why these things are occuring.

Like all clowns, Philippe's world is similar to that of a child, in the ways in which he learns and reacts to events. He seamlessly moves from one mood to another in a fraction of a second.

"His acting is a mixture of Chaplin and Pierre Richard (...) funny (...) works perfectly with the public (...) very fun, very successful "
- Anne-Josée Cameron – Retour sur le Monde Radio Radio-Canada, Quebec, February 24, 2010.

Directed by

Yves Dagenais


Philippe Trépanier



Martin Saintonge



Scenario: Yves Dagenais and Philippe Trépanier

Comedian: Philippe Trépanier

Director: Yves Dagenais

Light design: Martin Saintonge

Scenography: Yves Dagenais and Philippe Trépanier

Photo credits: Renald Laurin

Special thanks to the Clown Art Research Center.

"Clip!" was created in 2010 and initially produced by the Clown Art Research Center.

The company Les Deux de Pique has acquired the rights to the show. This show helped launch Philippe Trépanier's solo career on an international level.

Technical information

"Clip!" is a show designed to travel very easily and requires only 2 people for production. Suitable for performances in small and medium-sized venues, this shows wordless humour and message are timeless and universally understood.

Duration: 60 minutes without intermission

All publics starting from 4 up to 144 years old

30' x 30' (9.2m x 9.2m). Can be adapted to suit various sizes of stages

Set-up: 4 hours / teardown: 2 hours


Vincent Messager, Dolce Vita Spectacles