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Physical comedy & circus
Trattoria is the story of an eccentric restaurant owner who is having trouble coping with his loneliness caused by the passing of his wife. To distract himself, he creates an imaginary world where his memories and fantasies merge into one. His dreams and his clumsiness are a source of unbridled chaos that becomes a source of pure entertainment for the audience! A show with hilarious physical comedy and incredible circus feats which is a joy for the whole family. The show Trattoria came from the desire to get audiences to laugh by sharing with them a story of loneliness which resonates with all people, a story of solitude that eats away at you to the point where it reshapes your world.
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The GoldenCrust family settles in your neighborhood!

- audience interactions-Covid-proof performance
Meet the GoldenCrusts. Grace and her boyfriend Kevin professional campers! They're setting up their Goldenmobile in your city. The GoldenCrust Family is a theatrical production focusing on circus arts and physical comedy with a heavy dose of cheesyness. It's an artistic performance that plays out over long periods of time,ranging from one to multiple days. This couple lives in outdoor, public spaces with their RV and their eclectic, transportable, yard. Their hilarious antics of the GoldenCrusts brings together the community and curious bystanders who will get to know and be entertained by this larger than life couple, at a safe neighbourly distance, of course. These colorful characters give the audience a glimpse into their lives and showcase some of their incredibly unique talents, while vacationing in your town. You will get to know this endearing couple as you watch them from morning to night, going about their day to day lives in their little enclosure, like a reality television show, but live!  Pack a lunch and make yourself comfortable, because once charmed by the GoldenCrusts you may just watch them all day long.
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